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Our Work

This is your Project Page. It's a great opportunity for visitors to see what we do and to also view our successful events & competition status, as well as our fundraising & community projects.


Coronation Day Celebrations

For the Kings Coronation in May 2023, we had a fun Coronation day at the studio with a cake sale for fundraising, competitions, fancy dress and most importantly, a day together as a community to celebrate being British.

Our Big Shows

We love putting on shows for our families. We run Theatre shows, twice a year and also separate smaller shows for Acro & Cheer. Our shows are always a big success and a wonderful experience for the dancers.


The XM British Street Championships

What an incredible weekend we had here in the south of England! Our competition teams travelled snd stayed in Essex to compete all weekend in Street categories including Crews, Solos, Duos, Quads & Battles. We came away with amazing results and a fresh passion for what we do and why we do it.

Exam & Class Awards Success!

Our Exam session in March with UKA meant that over 150 of our dancers passed their dance or acro exams scoring above average on all 98% of the tests.

We are also running assessments in class for every child and help them achieve their next step on the ladder. 

We have given out lots of Dancer of the month awards to some fantastic dancers who work so hard. We have seen hundreds of names on our studio award boards which means hard work has been recognised. Well done everyone.....

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