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Mondays Breakin Class

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Mini Street & Tiny Tricksters

Our street dance classes are aimed at beginners level for any children aged 3 to 6yrs who are just starting out or beginners. The mini street classes involves learning basic foundation steps and how to perform them to music with rhythm and timing. The Tiny Tricksters class also look into basic footwork and breakdancing skills in a safe controlled environment. The class teachers are relaxed, experienced and professional and have a great rapour with the pupils. Refer to our timetable on a Saturday & Thursday for times.


Our calm, organised Ballet classes happen on a Saturday morning with our dedicated, friendly teachers, who have taught this class for many years. First Steps Ballet is a perfect starter class for any little lady or gent wanting to learn basic ballet steps to Disney or well known songs, alongside their friends. Next Steps Ballet looks at more complex steps for this age group and they start to develop a deeper ballet technique. All pupils will learn arm and foot positions and will work alongside the UKA Ballet syllabus to take part in exams, starting at the Princess Award. These classes are a perfect opportunity to start your child off on the stepping stones into dance.

Contemporary & Lyrical:

We love watching our contemporary performers on stage. They are full of elegance and show a real dedication to the performance and their musicality. We use modern contemporary music to enable the dancers to recognise the stimulus in the songs and the class is taught by our experienced and qualified teachers who have specifically trained in this style at University. The class focuses on ballet technique, foot and floor work and various contemporary techniques. We follow the UKA & IDTA syllabus for these styles and pupils can choose to take exams annually.

Kids /Junior Recreational Street Dance:

The progression class from Mini street to starting to pick up harder choreography sequences and steps. Our experienced teachers will teach foundation street dance steps and hip hop moves from various styles such as Street, basic breaking, whacking, popping & locking & commercial. The kids classes are fun and a great way to start your child out on their dance adventure. Our classes are extremely popular and must be pre booked.


Our Acro classes are taught by our Qualified coach (British Gymnastics or Acrotrix ) and are qualified up to Level 2. Acro focuses solely on floor work and tumbling techniques and should not be compared to gymnastics classes as we do not use high beams or asymmetric bars. Acro can be performed as Acro Dance in our shows to music. We follow UK Gymnastics Award Schemes and can also develop skills in Acro Plus to help with flips and tricks. We use our own air tracks, crash mats and other equipment.

Our Mini Acro classes look at foundation steps of gymnastics and we make routines to music using the core skills. We also teach how to handstand, Cartwheel, headstand, roll and balance in a safe environment. This class is hands on and will require some independence and good language skills for the age category to understand the safety requirements.

Teen Street:

Our Teen street classes offers beginners up to advanced levels across different days. The classes are extremely popular and we work at a high quality level focusing on foundation techniques in hip hop styles across the board and also teach up to date modern choreography for exam and show work (not essential). The classes are welcoming and fun and keep the dancers focused and making new friends.

Advanced Street:

As our dancers get more experienced and are able to show good technique and progression, we are able to offer them a range of experienced choreographers and teachers within the industry, who come in to teach master classes and workshops in a range of styles. We accept dancers into these classes with previous experience and to re build confidence.

Sling & Teen Pole:

This class is taught by a freelance qualified instructor who deals with the bookings separately. You may enquire through us to reach her. The sling class is aimed at children who must have good concentration and understanding of safety due to the risk of aerial arts. The extremely fun class involves learning swinging, shapes, air balances and twists using the material slings hung from the ceiling. Teen pole fitness is a dance and fitness based class suitable for teens to get them fit through a different variety of balances, lifts, spins and dance routines.

Breakin Class:

Break dance is a hip hop style focusing on top rocks, floor work and styling. Music is the key to this class and we also teach the pupils about the culture and background of the style along with names of steps and history of them. Pupils will learn conditioning, floor work, freezes and top rocks to music.